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Member Of Founding Developers Team At GreaterCommons

HTML | CSS | JavaScript | Golang | iOS (Swift)

Greater Commons is a platform where everyone can learn and everyone can teach. Greater Commons brings students and teachers together. I have been a part of Greater Commons since February 2017. My contributions to the website are very little. I have been majorly working on the iOS app for Greater Commons.

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Web Development Using Sketch Designs For Rolando's Portfolio Website

HTML | CSS | JavaScript | Bootstrap | Gulp

Rolando Mathias – Stockholm based Multi-Disciplinary Product Designer hired me to redo his portfolio website to reflect his new designs. He is a perfectionist and cared for every single pixel on various screen sizes which gave me the experience of creating pixel-perfect websites. This was my first project which required Sketch/Zeplin as well.

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Custom Elements Development & Site Modification Cactus' SquareSpace Website

HTML | CSS | JavaScript | SquareSpace

I was hired to build and implement custom elements that are not available directly on SquareSpace such as Parallax Scrolling, Accordion, Video Background, etc. I was also supposed to update the website to reflect new design. This was one of my first major projects on SquareSpace and also my first major project on Upwork.

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Landing Page Design & Development For AdSpark

HTML | CSS | JavaScript | Bootstrap | Web Design

I was hired to design and develop a landing page for a Russia based Digital Signage company – AdSpark. This is my most recent project on upwork. The website is being modified by the client to replace placeholder texts/images with actual content and so, it is not live yet.

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E-Commerce Store Design & Development For A Local Startup – RefreshingRas

HTML | CSS | JavaScript | MaterializeCSS | Golang | MongoDB | Heroku

My first ever paid gig. I was hired by an alumni of my college to build an E-Commerce store for his startup – RefreshingRas selling Cold-Pressed Juices online. This was also my first professional project requiring Golang and MongoDB. This website isn't one of the best I have designed, but I have come a long way since.

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Layout Fixes For Oli's Portfolio Website On SquareSpace

HTML | CSS | JavaScript | SquareSpace

A small 2-hour project which included fixing a few layout issues on a SquareSpace website.

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Web Design & Development For A Local NGO – Sankalp

HTML | CSS | JavaScript | MaterializeCSS

I was hired by Sankalp to design and develop their website.

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Greater Commons iOS App

iOS (Swift) | Golang

Greater Commons is a platform where everyone can learn and everyone can teach. Greater Commons brings students and teachers together. I have been a part of Greater Commons since February 2017. I have been working with Greater Commons to develop their iOS app.

5217 Timer iOS App

iOS (Swift)

A random rule of working for 52 minutes, resting for 17 and then repeating cycle is being proven to be a very effective hack for boosting productivity. I have been developing a timer following the same rule for iOS. Inspired by this app on Android. This is my first iOS development project.

Apart from the skills used in projects mentioned above, I have also been using Angular for practice projects and for an ongoing project. I also have basic working experience with Docker, Firebase, DevOps, CI/CD, etc. Apart from this, I also have advanced experience with Git, all the projects above involved git.






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